GnucDNA Delphi


How to install the GnucDNA Delphi Source (0.4) ?

1. Download the GnucDNA Delphi sourcecode from here

2. Extract the files from the zip file to a new directory

3. Install the GnucDNA Com component (GnucDNA_0.9.2.4.exe) from the source directory

Or download the GnucDNA COM component (GnucDNA_0.9.2.4.exe) from here and install the component

4. Build the components:

- Doubleclick on the file PackGnucDNAEvents.dpk to open the package in Delphi

- Compile and Install the package

- The components are added to the GnucDNA page on the pallete

5. Open the Delphi projectfile (Gnuminous.prj)

- And Run!

How to report bugs?

You can report bugs to me here.