GnucDNA Delphi

The goal of this open source project is developing a Delphi Gnutella Client
(and component) based on the open source COM component GnucDNA so
people can build their own peer to peer applications in Delphi.

GnucDNA Delphi

Developers Needed
If you are interested in Delphi and Gnutella you can join the team, send me a message here (You have to be or become a sourceforge member).

GnucDNA Delphi Developers website: GnucDnaDelphi

Translators Needed
The next version of the GnucDNA Delphi client (Gnuminous) will be multi-lingual. If you want to participate in translating the interface from English or Dutch to other languages you can send me a message here.

Project Status
Project status: Beta
Current version: 0.4 (Based on GnucDNA

Subproject Client
The GnucDNA Delphi Client (Gnuminous) currently supports:
- Connecting to network (including connection- and hosttypes, client statistics, host handshake information, forced ultrapeer)
- Saving and Loading Preferences
- Searching for files (including Refine Search and Filtering)
Downloading Files
- Sharing and Uploading Files
- Meta Searches
- Websearches (Google, Google Groups, Yahoo, FreeDB etc.)
- Multiple searches including refine and filter search, 'search history'
- Multi-lingual (dutch, english), more languages possible with .lng files
- Add shared dirs from Gnucleus, Kazaa, Bearshare, Xolox, Shareazaa, Morpheus
- Rating searchresults
- Play/Run partial downloaded files
- Hashing files

Still To Do:
- Clean up code
- Auto-Update (Download new version)
- Other websearches
- Lanmode
- And a lot more...

Known Bugs:
- Errors in Windows 2000


Subproject Components
The GnucDNA Delphi Client currently needs 6 separate components for the different sinkevents.

Still To Do:
Building a component that support al the procedures, properties and events if possible.


GnucDNA is a powerful component written in C++ for building P2P applications. It provides developers with a common layer to create their own Gnutella client or network. As a separate component, GnucDNA can be updated independently of the client, passing down improvements to the applications already using it.

The GnucDNA component is COM based to inherit the advantage of language independence and versatility. Applications in C++, Visual Basic, .Net, Delphi, and even scripts can wield the power that GnucDNA provides. Also by being a separate component it can be used in a number of new and even unthought of situations such as part of a plug-in, a service or running behind a web server.

GnucDNA Dev website: GnucDNA

Gnucleus website: Gnucleus

GnucDNA Developer Forum: DNAForum


Gnutella websites: Gnutella  Gnutella2

Gnutella Forum: Gnutella Forums